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First BLOG Ever

Here I am throwing out my first blog! To say I was inspired by the CAMA Expo is an understatement. And maybe this is where the guts to begin this blogging journey stems!

Firstly, I travelled and roomed with Cindy Fehr who is a dear colleague and leader in Nurse Practitioner practice and political positioning in Manitoba. She inspires me to be better and do better. And is a whole lotta fun!

Secondly, aesthetics is not just filling faces. The practice exponentially much more. The art and the science. The patient care and genuine willingness and skill to help people look, feel and be their best. From the inside and out.

Thirdly, I am really developing a love of regenerative aesthetics. Using your own healing factors and creation of new cells to age gracefully. We are living longer, feeling younger and are healthier. Let us match the outside to reflect this. Be real, when you look good, you feel good.

My mind is full and brimming with ideas. Of new services to come. Of new ways to do this business I LOVE!

So stay tuned. Will blogging be my thing, time will tell.

Christy RN(NP)

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