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What To Expect At Your Visit

You and I will develop a plan of treatment based on the service requested.  It will always be mutually agreeable.  A health history and various consents will be signed.

Preparing for Your Aesthetic  Service

These are guidelines and further discussion is always welcome!

  1. Do NOT consume alcohol at least 24 hours prior to treatment.  Alcohol may thin the blood and increase risk of bruising and bleeding.

  2. Avoid anti-inflammatory /blood thinning medications, if possible for a period of 2 weeks prior to treatment.  Please discuss further with NP if you are on prescription blood thinners. Examples of over the counter medications and supplements, may be: aspirin, vitamin E, gingko biloba, ginseng, St Johns Wort, Omega 3/fish oil, ibuprofen, motrin, advil, aleve and naproxen.  These may also have a blood thinning effect and increase risk of bruising and bleeding.

  3. Schedule your neuromodulator, microneedling, filler, deoxycholic acid appointment at least 4 weeks prior to a special event which you will be attending.  Examples are wedding or vacation.  Effects will  take approximately 4-7 days to appear and up to 2 weeks for full effect.  Bruising and swelling may also be apparent in the week following treatment.

  4. Discontinue Retin A two days before and after treatment.

  5. Reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance if you have a rash, cold sore, skin breakouts to area of service or any active infections (filler).

  6. If you have a history of cold sores and are planning on a service involving the lip area, we may put on prophylactic oral treatment with an antiviral to prevent an injection/trauma outbreak.

  7. Be sure to have a good breakfast and hydrate prior to procedure.  This will decrease your chances of lightheadedness during your treatment.

  8. You are not a candidate for treatments if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Post Care for Neuromodulator Procedure

  1. Do NOT manipulate the treated are for a minimum of 3 hours following.  Do NOT receive facial/laser treatments, microdermabrasion, microneedling for at least two weeks.  Ask NP about time interval between various treatment services.

  2. Be expressive, this focuses the medications to work in the muscles they were placed!

  3. Do NOT lie down for at least 4 hours post after your procedure.  This will prevent the product from changing position due to gravity.

  4. Do NOT perform activities involving straining, heavy lifting, or vigorous exercise for 6 hours after treatment.  This will again keep the product in the intended area.

  5. Results from neuromodulators can start showing in about 4-7 days post treatment.  At 2 weeks the full effects of the treatment will be seen.  At this time we will follow up, generally virtually.  If a tweakment is needed, you will be charged based on product used.  

Post Care for Filler Procedure

  1. Avoid significant movement or massage of the treated area. 

  2. Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.

  3. Avoid extensive sun or heat for 72 hours.  In fact, ALWAYS wear sunscreen!

  4. Avoid consuming excess amounts of alcohol or salt in the days following treatment, to limit bruising and swelling.

  5. If you are experiencing swelling, you may apply a cool compress for 15 minutes each hour.

  6. Try to sleep "face up" and slightly elevated if you are experiencing swelling.

  7. Use tylenol to manage discomfort.

  8. If you have ANY concerns about appearance of skin or pain, please notify provider right away.

Post Care for Deoxycholic Acid Injection

1. After the injections you may notice that the treatment area is reddened, has a burning feeling and swelling.  This is a normal and expected response and the swelling amount varies between patients based on the amount of fat tissue requiring treatment.  The swelling may last for several days and the area will begin to recede in one to two weeks, with the maximum reduction seen at 5 weeks.

2. Avoid exaggerated facial expressions for 4 hours post procedure.

3. Avoid vigorous physical activity for 24 hours after procedure.  

2. Avoid extensive heat or sun exposure for 2 days post procedure (no tanning salons, saunas).

3. Do not massage the area around the injection sites.

4. You can apply ice for comfort (this will not reduce swelling, swelling is the medication "working" to dissolve fat).

5. You can apply makeup and skincare products the day after the procedure, but be sure to keep skin clean.

6. Follow up will be planned at around 5-6 weeks to determine if another treatment is required!

Preparing for Microneedling

This is in addition to "Preparing for your Aesthetic Service"

Prior to a microneedling procedure a topical anesthetic will be applied to the skin.  There still may be some minor discomfort during the procedure.  Please inform NP of any allergies to anesthetics.  Examples are lidocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine.

Post Care After Microneedling

  1. No sunscreen 24 hours following the treatment.  Please protect with hat and scarf for when you drive home.

  2. You may wear a light mineral makeup if needed while healing.

  3. Wash your treated area six hours after treatment or before bedtime.  Use a gentle cleanser.  Gently apply warm warm.  Pat dry.

  4. Do NOT clean the face with a brush or hot water or use anything abrasive on skin.

  5. You may use a serum with hyaluronic acid three times a day for the next 3 days.

  6. After 3 days you may resume your normal skincare routine!

  7. ALWAYS wear sunscreen, 30 SPF or higher to protect the new layer of skin from hyperpigmentation.

  8. Avoid alcohol based toners.

  9. It is advisable to avoid anti-inflammatory medications and supplements in the days after the procedure.  Use alternatives, such as acetaminophen otherwise known as tylenol for discomfort.

  10. Activities: avoid working out and swimming for 72 hours as sweating can lead to adverse reactions.  It is is extremely important to stay out of the sun, tanning bed, suntanning for at least 10 days to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation.


While adverse reactions are extremely rare, there is the possibility of temporary side effects including but not limited to: infection, scarring, skin and tissue necrosis, herpes simplex outbreak, hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) and hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin).  Darkening or lightening of the skin usually fades within 6 months, but in rare cases could be permanent.  This reaction is more common in patients who are tan or who have darker skin tones.  It can result or worsen when treated areas are exposed to the sun too soon following treatment.  This risk can be minimized by avoiding sun exposure for 4 weeks before and after treatment and by adhering to pre and post treatment instructions.

Preparing for PRP Treatments

Skin & Hair

1. You may take Arnica 3-5 pellets, 3 times a day starting 2 days before, the day of treatment and 2 days post treatment.  This will help to decrease the risk of bruising.

2. Make sure that you hydrate well the day before and the day after treatment.

3. No Accutane use in the past 6 months.

4. Avoid the following for at least 1 week prior to your procedure:

a. ibuprofen, motrin, aleve, naprosyn, naproxen, aspirin

b. alcohol

c. cigarettes

d. systemic steroids (anti inflammatory), prednisone, dexamethasone

e. nutritional supplements - gingko biloba, garlic, vitamin E, flax oil, curcumin and any other anti inflammatory supplements

5. Please notify SKINSeine if you are taking any blood thinners such as coumadin, plavix, heparin, rivaroxaban, apixaban or others.

6. Avoid retinol (Vitamin A) and glycolic acids at least 2 days before.

Additional Info for Hair Restoration:

1. Shower the morning of your treatment and wash your hair thoroughly using your regular shampoo.  Do not apply hair gels, hair sprays or any other styling products.

2. Hair coloring is fine up to 3 days before treatment.

Post Care After PRP

Skin & Hair

Please follow these instructions after your PRP treatment.  There are few restrictions after your PRP treatment, allowing you to soon return to your daily activities.

What can you expect after treatment:

1. Mild inflammation, redness and swelling, itching and/or soreness for a few days (2-5 days), these are common to any injection procedure.

2. Continue to take Arnica, 3-5 pellets, three times a day until bruising clears.

3. If there are tiny bumps, rest easy, this will go away in a few hours after treatment.

4. It is normal to feel firmness in the injection site for a few days post treatment.  This will soften over time.

To maximize your results; for a minimum of 5 hours post your PRP treatment do NOT wash your scalp.

AVOID touching, pressing, rubbing or any form of manipulation to the treated area for at least 8 hours after treatment.

AVOID advil, aleve, aspirin, ibuprofen, motrin, naproxen, naprosyn until 2 weeks post treatment.

AVOID nutritional supplements - gingko biloba, garlic, Vitamin E, flax oil, curcumin, and any other anti inflammatory supplements till 2 weeks post treatment.

AVOID alcohol, caffeine and smoking for 3 days post treatment.

AVOID high heat (sauna, steam room, very hot showers) for 24 hours post treatment.

AVOID the sun and use a physical SPF daily.

AVOID facials, facial massage or laser treatments for 2 weeks post treatment.  Most facial treatments can be done immediately prior to the PRP treatments but for 2 weeks post treatment. 

Continue increased water intake the first week post treatment.

Most patients will see results within 2-4 weeks, continued results will be seen up to 12 weeks.  We recommend a series of 3-6 treatments administered at 2-4 weeks intervals.

Preparing for Chemical Peel Treatment

Use of AlumierMD products is highly recommended prior to your peel treatment for best results and to reduce the risk of complications.

If you lactating, pregnant or may be pregnant, discuss with provider.

Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least two weeks prior to and two weeks after your peel treatment.

Avoid the use of retinoids (i.e. retina A, retinol, Tazorac) and high levels of AHA and BHA products for approximately 7 days prior to treatment.

AlumierMD skin treatments result in minimal to no downtime but create dramatic and visible results.  

Treatments may cause slight redness, tightness, peeling, flaking or temporary dryness.  

Most patients do not find it necessary to apply makeup, as the skin will be smooth, dewy and radiant following your treatment.

Post Care After Chemical Peel Treatment

You have just received an AlumierMD Skin Treatment.  Due to the nature of these treatments, you should not necessarily expect to "peel".  However, you may have light to moderate flaking in a few localized areas for 3-7 days.  

You may also experience residual redness, which lasts in most patients from 1 to 12 hours.  

It is recommended that you do not apply makeup on the day of the treatment.  

It is ideal to allow the skin to stabilize and rest overnight.  However, makeup can be applied, if necessary.  

Tonight your skin will feel tight and "pulled".  Although you may not actually "peel", it is likely that you will experience a light "exfoliation".  It may take 2 or more treatments to target the deeper layers of skin to loosen and "peel".  

In order to obtain maximum results and avoid complications, please follow the post-peel instructions listed below for approximately 5-7 days.

Avoid direct sun exposure and excessive heat.

Ideally, use the post procedure kit by AlumierMD.  If not use gentle skincare and moisturizers.  

Discontinue use of any product that irritates your skin.  

Keep your skin hydrated.  Hydration is the key for proper healing.

DO NOT cleanse your skin on the day and evening of your peel.

DO NOT pick or pull any flaking skin.

DO NOT tan or use a tanning booth for at least 14 days post peel.

DO NOT have electrolysis, waxing, threading or any other forms of hair removal for 7 days post peel.

DO NOT use facial scrubs or mechanical forms of exfoliation for 14 days post peel.

DO NOT use retinoic acid, AHA or BHA for 14 days post peel.

DO NOT have laser hair removal, photofacials, chemical peels or microdermabrasion for 14 days post peel.

DO NOT apply ice or ice water on the treated area.

DO NOT use hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, and/or excessively hot showers for 2 days post peel.

DO NOT go swimming for 2 days post peel.

DO NOT participate in aerobic exercise for 2 days post peel.

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