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A novel non-ablative fractional skin rejuvenation system powered by patented titanium tip technology.  Tixel treats delicate facial skin, including periorbital, eyelids, the neck and décolleté safely and quickly with low pain and a few days downtime.



Preparing For Your Tixel Treatment

Come to your appointment with face and eye makeup FREE skin.

Stop retinols 3 days prior to treatment.

Stop Accutane or equivalent medications 2 weeks before treatment.

Stop skin lightening creams/serums 3 days before treatment.

Avoid sun and UV lamp exposure. Treatment results are improved by limiting UV exposure as much as possible prior to treatment.

Apply SPF to any sun exposed areas. Remember to reapply during the day.

Avoid using harsh exfoliants or exfoliating sponges. 

If indicated, use the prescribed or proprietary depigmenting cream as directed. If already using, continue your current regime.
• Take the prescribed anti-viral medication as directed (where indicated).
• Take the prescribed antibiotic medication as directed (where indicated).

Inform your provider of any change in your medical history.

Numbing cream or ointment will be applied for 20 minutes prior to treatment.

What to expect after treatments?

This depends entirely on the intensity of the treatment and the condition that is being treated. 

A heat sensation to mild “sunburn” which dissipates within 1-4 hours.

Redness, ranging from mild to moderate erythema, usually settling on day 3

Mild swelling of the skin which settles within 1-3 days.

Tiny “microdot” patterns on the treated skin area.

A dry “sandpaper” feel to the skin as it restores itself.

A sensation of dryness and tightness.

Mild to moderate exfoliation starting from day 3-4 post treatment. Regular application of emollients for the first 5- 7 days post treatment and strict adherence to the post treatment advice will minimize these sensations.

The more intense treatment used, the longer these time periods will be.

It takes longer for the micro scabs to fall off after neck and body treatments as the cell turnover is slower than the face.

There should be no oozing, crusting, bruising, blistering or bleeding at any stage.

You can go back to work the next day.

Post Care After Your Tixel Treatment

Avoid washing the treated area until the following day.

Avoid the use of exfoliants or any abrasive substances for 3 weeks post treatment.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as both negatively impact on treatment efficacy and increase post treatment “down-time”.

Continue with the antiviral/antibiotic tablets as directed (where applicable).

Drink plenty of fluids to hydrate the skin.

Apply only the recommended products to the skin.

Consider a bland emollient as often as needed to reduce the sensation of dryness and tightness, (every 2 to 3 hours is recommended).

Avoid very hot baths or showers for 24 hours post treatment.

Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 to 48 hours post treatment.

Sleep slightly propped for the first 24 to 48 hours post treatment to reduce the amount of swelling. This is especially important if the eyes have been specifically targeted.  Be sure to have a clean pillowcase.

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